Human rights in supply chains where deforestation is a risk


Forest Peoples Programme (UK)

What I did


“Industrial agriculture continues to drive land grabs, deforestation and human rights abuse in the palm oil, soy, beef, leather, rubber, cocoa, timber,and pulp and paper sectors at the tropical forest frontier.” Forest Peoples Programme


Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) commissioned research on the human rights due diligence practices of some of the world’s largest investment companies, retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and traders.

My brief was to tailor the research report for an audience of investors and consumer goods manufacturers, and introduce to them the concept of ‘ground-truthing’ as a way to improve their due diligence on human rights in their supply chains.

I worked closely with FPP Director James Whitehead to identify the relevant messages and content, and to develop a structure for the report, which is titled: Ground-truthing to improve due diligence on human rights in deforestation-risk supply chains.

Several FPP staff contributed to the report and I worked to incorporate their changes and suggestions. Partners also gave feedback on a draft. 

As well as doing a substantive edit, I copyedited the report to comply with FPP editorial style, and delivered a report-specific style sheet.

I also gave feedback on the draft design and layout which was incorporated into the final product. 

oil palm fruit - RSPO

Image: oil palm fruit, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

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