Responsible innovation


CSIRO (Australia’s national science agency)

What I did

The pace of change of emerging science and technology is creating complex issues for societies and their decision-makers. CSIRO has established a new ‘future science’ research program in ‘responsible innovation‘ to ensure socially responsible science and technology is designed and delivered for all Australians.

My brief was to write a series of articles for CSIRO’s ECOS blog introducing the concept of responsible innovation to a non-specialist audience through some of the specific research projects that are underway at CSIRO.

I  worked with philosopher Dr Justine Lacey who heads up the program, and interviewed several social scientists before drafting the following articles: 

  • Building trust in science and technology
  • Harvesting big data – the new high-value crop (repurposed as a thought-leadership article – in press)
  • Finding a new way to talk about gene drives (in press)
  • Buying time for the Great Barrier Reef – intervening in nature (in press).


Image: DataBase Center for Life Science (DBCLS) / CC BY



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