Noosa Parks Association – newsletter


Noosa Parks Association

Noosa Parks Association is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation set up to protect the natural environment of the greater Noosa-Cooloola region while encouraging genuinely sustainable human behaviour and built environments.

The organisation issues a bi-monthly newsletter (digital and print versions) to keep members up to date on direct-action projects, public education forums and campaigns, and social activities such as hiking and birding.

I live in this beautiful area and often attend the public forums, so when the call for a volunteer newsletter editor came in March 2019, I gladly raised my hand.

What I do

For each edition, I seek contributions from about 15 people and track all responses, working to a cut-off date.

I copyedit each article in MS-Word and liaise with the author on any material changes or queries.

For the digital newsletter, here’s what I do:

  • Create a Mailchimp campaign and lay out the content in a Mailchimp template.
  • Apply web-writing techniques for readability and findability.
  • Resize/crop supplied images. Where necessary, I source additional images from the public domain (Creative Commons licence) or use my own images. I upload images to Mailchimp and add alt-text and captions.
  • Run a number of tests to make sure it looks good on all device types.
  • Upload the latest member database to Mailchimp and send the newsletter.

For the print newsletter, here’s what I do:

  • Copy and paste the digital content into MS-Word.
  • Strip out embedded hyperlinks, replacing them with URLs.
  • Make longer pars, and generally remove some white space.
  • Add page headers, footers and page numbers.
  • Convert the Word doc to PDF, which is then printed and distributed by mail.

Read the March-April 2019 Noosa Parks Association newsletter.

Noosa National Park
Noosa National Park at sunset¬† ¬† (Photo: Mary O’Callaghan)



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