COVID-19 and indigenous and tribal peoples: The impacts and underlying inequalities


Forest Peoples Programme (UK)

The briefing paper COVID-19 and indigenous and tribal peoples: The impacts and underlying inequalities was published by Forest Peoples Programme in December 2020.

It shows that the COVID-19 pandemic, including the measures imposed to curb its spread, are exacerbating the inequalities that indigenous and tribal peoples around the world experience due to the lack of recognition of their rights to lands and self-determination, rights which are the foundation of their livelihoods, their culture and their survival.

The authors analyse the drivers of the inequalities and recommend actions for governments and other duty-bearers.

The 44-page briefing paper had several contributors and includes 10 ‘stories from the ground’ in Cameroon, Colombia, Guyana, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines, Suriname, Thailand and Uganda. It has been translated into French and Spanish.

What I did

I worked with Policy Advisor Caroline de Jong (Netherlands) on a draft, performing a substantive edit which included improving the structure, adding heading levels and removing repetition.

I also wrote the executive summary and copyedited┬áthe paper to comply with the client’s editorial style.

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