Floodplain research in the Murray-Darling Basin (CSIRO)


CSIRO Land and Water

What I did

I was commissioned to write 2 stories about CSIRO’s floodplain research in the Murray-Darling Basin.

I read the background material supplied, and interviewed the scientists and end users of the research.

I then drafted the stories and gained approval from all interviewees before submitting the final copy, including the titles and teasers.

I also sourced the images from the interviewees, checked permissions and crafted the captions.

Both stories were published as submitted in ECOS, CSIRO’s sustainability magazine, in April 2018.

Links, titles and teasers below.

The upside of blackwater river flows

There’s an upside to the carbon-rich, black water that sometimes flows off the floodplains and into the rivers of the Murray–Darling Basin…

The water needs of floodplain trees – the inside view

For the first time, scientists have quantified how much water trees on the Murray-Darling floodplain need, and when they need it. The results show that we cannot tell the health of a tree just by looking at its canopy—we need to look inside the tree…


Pelicans at Barmah National Park, VictoriaImage of pelicans at Barmah National Park, Victoria: By Gypsy Denise [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons