Barramundi Discovery Centre


Econnect Communication (for the Carpentaria Shire Council)

What I did

With its reputation as Australia’s finest eating fish, the barramundi (Lates calcarifer) has become the most important freshwater-estuarine commercial fish in the country. Delicious to eat and thrilling to catch on a line, it is the second top predator in the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, trumped only by the crocodile.

I wrote the text for the newly redeveloped $11m Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre at Karumba on the shores of the Gulf, which opened in 2018. The centre, which is operated by the Carpentaria Shire Council, also breeds barramundi for restocking the Gulf.

Incorporating messages about sustainable fishing, handling fish, and staying safe from crocs while fishing, I wrote engaging text, to strict word limits, for:

  • 20 wall panels
  • 1 digital display
  • 10 bird-hide ‘buttons’
  • 10 mangrove animal ‘buttons’.


Topics covered:

  • the lifecycle of the barramundi
  • breeding barramundi and restocking the Gulf
  • moon tides in the Gulf
  • mangroves
  • flora – saltmarsh life between the tides; woodlands and wetlands
  • migratory birds
  • wetland waterbirds
  • saltwater crocodiles
  • recreational fishing – possession limits; catch and release; how to hold a fish
  • commercial fishing in the Gulf
  • commercial fishing rules (digital)
  • the importance of a good wet season (exit wall).


Some of the source material was supplied by the client. I also researched mangroves, animals that live in the mangroves, crocodiles, commercial fishing, commercial fishing rules, birds and flora.



More info:

$11 million barramundi ‘discovery centre’ a boon for small Far North Queensland town